Little things that are important

white rose

It’s priceless to see my two kids informing proudly to their grandparents that there’s a new white flower. Somehow, the fact that they are witnessing it, makes the whole event theirs, not my mom’s (even though she’s the one who planted it and took care of it). Looking at the happiness in my mom’s face because finally someone could appreciate at length the importance of her plants and flowers, is priceless, too.

Same thing looking at the thrill in my brother-in-law’s eyes when S,  my five-year-old kid, was demanding gnocchi. A second later he was calling his mom to tell her about the emergency, and S got his craving handled, but first, he got a lesson on how to make gnocchi in his grandparents’ kitchen (priceless, too). Needless to say, they were also relieved that someone finally could understand the importance of gnocchi, and pasta in general.

Now, let’s talk about something I’m happy about, maybe not so poetic as flowers or pasta, but something important to me anyway. Today, July 3rd, is International Bag Free Day and the county where I live in Caracas (Alcaldía de Chacao) decided to join efforts with Tierra Viva (an ecological NGO) to promote it. So I’m thrilled to know that some else realizes the importance of some thing that I really care about!

Til’ the next post.





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