Mosquito shock

You’d think that moving from Panama City  to Caracas is not such a big change. Well, in part that’s true. But then, every tiny thing that is actually different, startles you.

For example, there’s the bug situation. In Panama there are millions of them, but they were usually outside of our 23rd- floor apartment. In Venezuela, well, let  me quote S, my five-year-old son: “This is like a jungle: there are ants, mosquitoes, flies and bees!” The issue here is that they aren’t just an annoyance, they actually interfere with my sleep, not because they wake me up, but because they sting my kids, who are allergic, and then, they wake me up for every itch (all this wouldn’t be a big deal, except for the fact that it could happen randomly at any time, like at 3 am). But we’re solving the situation, we repaired the mosquito protection for the windows, turned on the fan and the air conditioning, and the kids are using mosquito repellent. Did I tell you that the mosquitoes stung him on an eyelid, so he spent the next morning with a half- open eye? Not funny.

Other comments from S about Caracas have been: “I don’t like this city. The buildings are dirty, I like the clean buildings of Panama”. That’s not completely true, since there’s a lot of dirty buildings in Panama too. The difference is that over there, there’s another lot of pretty, brand new buildings, that we don’t find over here. But the next day, when we were driving in the Cota Mil (the highway that is the limit between the Avila mountain and Caracas), he yelled, “Wow, this country is so big!” So I presume the city might be a little bit more interesting for him now.

Until the next post!



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