I am tall


‘Mom’, says my eight-year-old son, while staring at me, ‘you really are not that tall’. What a sweet thing to say. It so happens that I am 5’1″. But until yesterday I was tall to my kid. Sorry (cough…) I still am, I’m just not ‘that tall’.

When I was a kid, I was always mortified because everybody thought I was younger. ‘I am short’ was engraved in my brain.Wrong. In my kid’s eyes, I am tall. And that is the truth: I am tall. It’s a matter of perspective.

That reminded me of something that my older daughter told me a few years ago, when she was about nine (I was thirty-nine years old at the time): ‘Mom’, you are so old that even Katy Perry is younger than you’.

Perspective is an awesome concept. Change your place or time, and you see a whole different picture.  Is the concept that you have of yourself, universal? Of course not. You might discover a new reality of you, if you see yourself through the eyes of somebody else.


2 pensamientos en “I am tall

  1. Which reminds me of a life irony of my own.
    During my first 38 years of my profession I was usually ‘too young’ for the job, or so my bosses would tell me from time to time.
    Not too long after that stage, suddenly I was ‘too old’ for the job.
    What happened to the stage of being the ‘right age for the job’?, … never happened.
    Life a beach!


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